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Big Fish Factory is a foundation dedicated to promoting and exhibiting artistic projects that are innovative, progressive, and rooted in research of contemporary issues in the field of performing arts.




Bart Bruinsma explores the intersection of contemporary electronic music and interactive art installations. His work often reflects on the themes of sensory overload and the impact it has on one's mental state, which he conveys through his use of innovative and avant-garde techniques.

Growing up in the Dutch province of Friesland, BART faced personal challenges as a result of an autoimmune illness. This experience informed his creative journey and he found solace in music, using it as a means of contemplating and communicating his relationship with his body and condition.

BART's education in music composition at the Prince Claus Conservatory and the Iceland University of the Arts has shaped his sound, which draws from a diverse range of musical influences including electronic producers and classical composers. He has also been involved in the theater, composing soundtracks for productions such as "8937" by Adam Peterson, "SADDEX" and "KÓW" by XYUSUFBOSS, and Nina Iggy's SYMBIOTIC CELL DIVISION.

In recent years, BART has released new music, including an EP on Reykjavik label Post-Dreifing and an album with composer and vocalist Ragnheidur Erla Björnsdottir. Through his music, he aims to sonically express emotions that are difficult to put into words.

BART is based in both Reykjavik, Iceland, and Groningen, The Netherlands, and continues to explore and push the boundaries of contemporary music and art.


Nina Iggy is a performance artist based in Groningen who began her career as a theater maker in Egypt in 2016. While there, she worked with companies such as Cirque du Soleil (Ibiza), The Lemontree & Co (Egypt), and Nacho Cano (Ibiza). In 2016, she joined The Factory of Likeminds in Amsterdam and created a solo performance called "RAVE."


Afterwards, she was selected as a talent for Up-North and created the show "MAYDAY." She later developed several other productions, including "A Trip Down Memory Lane," "Stillabunt," and "Symbiotic Cell Division."


As of 2021, she is a part of the artistic team at Big Fish Factory.

Nina creates raw, physical works that explore the relationship between the body and its environment. She incorporates strong contrasts, such as attraction and rejection, and comfort and discomfort, in her pieces, which blur the lines between visual art, dance, and performance. Through her work, she aims to transport the audience to a fantastical world where aesthetics and raw perspectives reinforce one another. She wants to create a mess that blurs reality and encourages the audience to form a new perspective.

Since 2022, Nina has been one of the creators at Station Noord, with support from Club Guy & Roni, NNT, Welcome To The Village, Theaterfestival Jonge Harten, and Oerol.

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