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Public Human Bookings is a group of broke artists booking eachother's shows because we can't afford to do it any other way.

We are based in Iceland, Portugal and the Netherlands and are actively touring European and neighbouring countries. Let's talk. Our shows are fire.



BART’s sonic excursions strike as avant-garde and outspoken, combining inventive techniques to create highly emotive experiences.

His multifaceted productions reflect scenes of sensory overload, meaningless content consumption, and a resulting catatonic state of mind. His works vary from contemporary electronic music to interactive art installations.



Moss Kissing

Musician, performer and audiographic researcher based in Lisboa.
His live shows draw from a diverse range of sources, dubstep and techno form the basis of his sound, while performance art and underground metal infuse his stage presence. He uses sounds from his environment and from the people who populate his life to create ruminate textures, which, combined with complex rhythms and throbbing bass, offers a unique club experience.



sideproject is an electronic music trio hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland. known for their intricate, fast-paced beats and flowing synths, the band's music is a cryptic yet unique blend of influences. in addition to their studio work, side project is equally known for their dynamic live performances.

their latest releases include the double-single ‘Kingfisher’, the studio album ‘Radio Vatican’ which was named electronic album of the year at the icelandic music awards 2021, and production on Björk’s single ‘Ovule’ from her album ‘Fossora’.



Ronja released her first album, 000000 this fall. She´s been active in Reykjavík's grassroots music scene for the last few years, performing solo as well as in the experimental pop band MC Myasnoi and Graphic Futanari and played at concerts together with Sideproject, Final Boss Type Zero, Andy Morin, Fennesz et al.



Guðmundur Arnalds is an electronic musician based in Reykjavík. Over the past couple of years he has made a name for himself working in different fields within the scene mostly through the collectives Mengi, Spectral Assault Records, Agalma and Post-Dreifing. His music ranges from subtle ambient into harder electronic genres with his evergrowing list of projects and collaborations, but at heart he remains an improviser and believer in DIY approaches in music. His band Final Boss Type Zero recently recieved the Icelandic Kraumur prize for electronic album of the year.

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