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What is Big Fish Factory?

Big Fish Factory draws its name from David Lynch's book "Catching the Big Fish", where he highlights the idea that the most significant ideas can be found in deeper waters. Simply put, we work hard to turn these meaningful ideas into reality.

Mission Statement

At Big Fish Factory, we push the boundaries of art by presenting it in a innovative and interdisciplinary way.

Our mission is to create a bridge between contemporary audiences and tomorrow's culture through novel and thought-provoking art forms. Our focus is on art that is forward-thinking, experimental, multidisciplinary, and hybrid in nature.
We believe that the existing art infrastructure in the North-Netherlands has not fully embraced these dynamic art forms, so it is our goal to bring more diversity to our art scene and challenge the conventions of contemporary performing arts.
We invite like-minded people to join us on this exciting journey.


In 2018, a group of recent art school graduates from Iceland, Germany, and the Netherlands came together to organize the Tut Töt Tuð showcase festival. Their goal was to continue investing in the sense of community and inspiration they experienced in art school, as well as to counteract the potential artistic isolation of entering the professional art industry. The festival was a two-day art exhibition at the Grand Theatre in Groningen, featuring bold and innovative works from each country. The event fostered continued collaboration and exchange among the participants, even to this day.
It is these principles of collaboration and exchange that are vital to the way Big Fish Factory operates.


While projects are commonly done by independent teams, Big Fish Factory is run on a daily basis by a small core group.

Artistic Director: Bart Bruinsma

Business Director: Myrthe Boshart


Big Fish Factory is supported by an advisory board that meets on a regular basis to maintain the foundation's course and mission.

Director: Cesco Homminga

Secretary: Hidde Kramer

Treasurer: Sander Koning

Advisor: Merijn de Boer

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